Contributions: Revised Bundles List Page

We just made a few small improvements to the Contribution Bundles page – the  page where you see a list of all the Contribution Bundles. One addition was a column for the count for each Bundle – i.e. the number of individual contributions in that Bundle. Also, the columns look a little different and you can sort by any of them.

Remember, you can access any individual Bundle by clicking either the Bundle ID # or the Status, which will be either Closed or Open.


Once again, these are small changes, but I’m sure you will find them useful.


2 thoughts on “Contributions: Revised Bundles List Page

  1. rrc

    that’s great. Would be even better if the bundle headers were automatically filled in with the total amounts of cash and checks from the individual offering entries so the counters don’t have to.


    1. David

      You know how you have to enter your password twice some times? Does that annoy you? Good then, because that is by design. They want you to type it twice which helps to catch mistakes. This way the counters have to put the number in. Then later when people are putting in their entries, they need to match up. If they don’t then something is wrong. If we just added up the numbers for you, then there would be no double check on the accuracy.



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