Upload Documents Naming Feature

If you read the previous post, you are aware (if you weren’t already) that you can upload one or more documents on the Volunteer Application page for an individual. You can also upload Membership documents as well. These are on the Member Profile>Summary page. These documents previously did not have a file name associated with them, nor could you name the file once it was uploaded to the person’s record.

That has all changed now! When you upload a document (either to the Volunteer page or the Member Profile page), the system will retain the existing file name. If you want, you can even edit that name by clicking on it and replacing the existing name with a new one, pressing Return (Enter) to accept the change.

What about all those documents that were uploaded previously and do not have file names?

Simple, if you want to name them, go to the person’s record where the document is stored and click the text Click to Edit (just below the Adobe PDF icon). Then just type in the name you want and press Return (Enter).

Bonus: Did you know that you can run a search to find everyone with either Member document or a Volunteer Application on file? You can! The condition for the Member document is on the Church Status tab and the Volunteer Application condition is on the Enrollment tab of the Conditions dialog box in Search Builder.

Click HERE to read more about the Volunteer Application page and stored documents.

Click HERE to read more about the Membership Documents.

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