New Integration with Protect My Ministry

We are so excited about this latest feature that we can offer to our BVCMS churches! It is an integration with Protect My Ministry which allows special users to request background and/or credit checks right from a person’s record in BVCMS. This makes it so simple and provides all the information you need right there where it belongs – inside BVCMS on the individual’s record.

Volunteers are an integral part of the ministry of the church and all of us want to ensure that we do our due diligence to vet our volunteers to the best of our ability. Running background checks is a vital part of that process. By integrating this with BVCMS, we are making the task of vetting and tracking volunteers even easier.

There is no additional charge from BVCMS for this, as the billing for the background/credit checks is directly from Protect My Ministry. If you have already been using this company for your background checks, you do not need an additional account. If your church does not have an existing account with them, that will be the first step – establish an account with Protect My Ministry.

BVCMS does not receive any compensation from Protect My Ministry. We are just offering this as a service to our BVCMS customers. Thank you, Steven, for creating this integration for us.

Click HERE for how to get started.

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