Birthday Tags and Ministry

We all like to know that someone is thinking of us, especially on our birthday. So why not start a new tradition this year?

How about sending “Happy Birthday” emails to each person who serves in your area of ministry? You could take advantage of the TrackBirthdays tag.  Just add all your volunteers to that tag so that you would see their name and birthday on your home page when they have a birthday coming up within the next 15 days. The name appears as a link to their people record, so they are just a click away!

Click HERE to read about the TrackBirthdays tag and how to add people to that special tag. Of course, even if you do not populate the TrackBirthdays tag, those who are in your Main Fellowship class will automatically appear on your Homepage.

Oh, by the way – I have received some very positive feedback from both staff and lay leaders who have begun emailing those in their ministry (either volunteers or class members). Instead of just wishing them Happy Birthday, they ask something like “How can I pray for you on your birthday and in this upcoming year?”.

You might be surprised the positive dialog you establish when you make the communication two-way. You ask the question and they answer! No email address on their record? Just pick up the phone and give them a call and make their day!

Now, isn’t that better than a card?


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