Email Attendance Notices in New Location

In case you haven’t noticed, we moved the Email Attendance Notices link. No longer should you look under Organization. Instead, go to Organization Search, select the Program and Division (Schedule is optional) for the Organizations to whom you want to send the notices. Then go to Exports/Reports and you will find the link for Email Attendance Notices. NOTE: You no longer enter a date for this notice. It will send the notice for the most recent meeting during the past week.

Click HERE to read more.

We mentioned this move in a recent post in which we also told you about the new Recent Absents Report. If you missed it, click HERE and read about it.

By the way, if your leaders are interested in who visited or was absent from a meeting in the past, be sure to remind them that they can always log on, go to their class and click on the Meeting Tab to look at any Meeting. Click HERE for more information on all that is available on the Meeting Page.


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