New Family Option for the Online Member Directory

We just added another feature to the brand new Online Member Directory. You now have the option on an Organization to select Publish Family Directory or Publish Member Directory. If the Family option is selected for an Organization, when you publish the Member Directory link, all family members of the Organization members will be included in the directory.

Here is a sample from our Demo Church. Notice the header lets you know it is a Family Directory for Adult Choir. Also, notice the entire Allen family grouped together – primary adults first (husband, then wife) followed by the children. The shading makes it easy to see the family groupings. Click HERE to read more about the Online Organization Directories.


I told you in my previous post that this was something pretty cool! By the way – if you missed that post, be sure to check it out HERE. You will want to read about the new setting for those who do not want their phone numbers published in directories.

2 thoughts on “New Family Option for the Online Member Directory

    1. David

      There is a Picture Directory report on the Green Toolbar. Also there is a Compact Directory that is more suitable for printing. This one we blogged about is for Online Viewing.



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