Special Delivery!

You are going to love this new feature relating to email attendance notices and recent absents!

Just like the morning newspaper, we are delivering this new Recent Absents Report to you on your virtual doorstep via the Email Attendance Notice. Just open it and read it. We are now including an interactive list inside the email attendance notice you receive after attendance has been completed for your class. This Recent Absents Report lists every member who has missed two or more consecutive meetings. The person’s email address and phone numbers will be right there. How easy is that?


For you as a leader, the most important news (the headline), should be who is missing; more specifically, who has missed more than a couple of classes in a row. These are the people you need to contact. Everyone misses a class now and then. However, when a member misses twice in a row, something may be going on in his life that you as a leader should know about in order to effectively minister to him. That is why we want you to have better tools to make it drop-dead easy to shepherd your sheep.

This report is also available on the Organization page (for an individual Organization) and Organization Search (for multiple Organizations). Click HERE to read more about the Recent Absents Report.

If you you not using the Email Attendance Notice feature, you will want to start now. Click HERE to read about how you can trigger the email notices to be sent the leaders.

Oh, by the way – you may have noticed the while we were adding more functionality to the Attendance Notice, we also moved the link to it! It just makes sense for it to be under Organization>Search>Exports/Reports.

Thank you Mark for helping us see the importance of ‘home delivery’ – so to speak!

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