Coupons Apply to Deposits Now

You can now create a Coupon for a registrant and they can use it to pay all or part of a Deposit for an Online Registration. In an earlier post (during the holidays), David briefly mentioned this as one of the new features, but now we’ll explain a bit more about how this works.

One of the many great things about Online Registrations is that the registrant pays electronically. However, there are 2 very good reasons for using Coupons:

  • when someone needs to pay with a check or cash.
  • when the church wants to give a discount or scholarship to an individual

With our newest feature, you can issue a Coupon and the person registering can use that Coupon Code to pay all or part of the Deposit or pay even more than the Deposit, but less than the total fee. If they use the Coupon for less than the total amount due with the Deposit (you can also have the Extra Fees required with the Deposit), they will be required to pay the difference electronically (credit card, bank card).

Remember, you will want to include the {paylink} replacement code in the Confirmation Email, so that the registrant can use that to pay their balance later. Whether they use a Coupon or credit/bank card for the Deposit, the paylink will calculate the correct balance due.

Click HERE to read about creating and applying Coupons and about Discounts or Scholarships.

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