Extra Fees and Family Maximum Fees for Registrations

As promised, here is yet another new feature we added to online registrations relating to extra fees. This one is a checkbox that lets you decide if you want the family maximum to apply to extra fees or if those should be added to the maximum.


Family Camping Trip has a base fee of $25 per person, but also has other activity options with additional fees which can bump the per person cost up by another 5-10 dollars, depending on the options chosen. You want to offer a family maximum of $100, regardless of which options the family members choose. In other words, you do not want the extra fees added on top of the maximum.

Now you can have it work that way! Just check the box Apply Max to Other Fees. If you want the extra fees to be over and above the family maximum, just leave the box unchecked.

This is on the Settings>Fees tab of the Organization. Click HERE to read about Fee Settings.







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