Extra Fees and Deposits for Online Registrations

Here is yet another new feature that we added during the Christmas holidays. It is the ability to require a registrant to pay any extra fees (like for activities and other options) at the time they pay their deposit.

When would you use this? How about a student ski trip? You have a total fee, a required deposit, and also various activities from which to choose. These activities have different fees associated with them. It might be helpful as you plan the trip, to have those fees paid for in advance with the deposit.

If that’s the case, just check the new box Other Fees Required with Deposit and when a person registers, their deposit will be increased based on the options they chose.

Example: The total fee is $200, the Deposit is $50 and I opted to go skiing which is an extra $35 fee. If I choose to pay the deposit, my fee will be $85, because it includes the extra fees.

This setting is under Settings>Fees on the Organization. Click HERE to read more about Fee Settings.


Watch this blog tomorrow if you want to know about another new feature relating to extra fees for Online Registration. I told you we added a lot of new stuff!

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