Online Registrations – Extra Fees and Org Fees

Another one of the new features that was added during the holidays is the addition of a checkbox named Other Fees Are Additional. This relates to online registrations and the ability to decide whether or not you want the extra fees to be added to the special registration fee for those who are in the organization for which you are giving a reduced fee. These extra fees are things such as Shirt Fees, Late Fees, or fees associated with drop downs or checkboxes.


You have all your leaders in an organization and you want to charge them a reduced fee for the upcoming student trip. You can use the Org Fee feature (which has been around for a while) and enter the ID of that organization along with the reduced amount you want to charge those who are in that special organization. Then check the box beside Other Fees Are Additional. By checking that box, those leaders enrolled in the organization for which you are giving a reduced fee, will still be required to pay any extra fees associated with the registration. These might be activity fees that are options (checkboxes or drop downs) or shirt fees or even late fees. It applies to all extra fees above the registration fee.

If you do not want to charge those in the special org these extra fees, then do not check the box.

This works whether you are creating special fees for chaperones or for students to whom you want to give the same discount. Just remember, this is a companion to the Org Fee feature.

Click HERE to read more about fee settings for Online Registrations.

Stay tuned for our next post about yet another feature relating to registration fees and deposits.

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