Online Member Directory

One of the new features that we added recently is an Online Member Directory. The directory lists the name, birthday (month and day), address, phone numbers and email addresses for just the members of the Organization. This works with new or existing Organizations and allows members of that Organization who have at least a MyData type of user account on BVCMS to access this directory.

A person with a MyData user account can normally only access their own record and those of their family members. A user with OrgLeaderOnly can only access people in the Organizations in which he is a leader. However, by using this new Member Directory, you can give everyone in your class/group/organization access to contact information on everyone in the class. All they need is the MyData user account.

Some churches may want to enroll all their active church members in one Organization and create an online directory for it.

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3 thoughts on “Online Member Directory

  1. Bill Kendall

    This is really nice feature that we have been wanting.
    I now need to add 400+ user accounts. Is there a way to do this as a batch or will I have to create each one individually?

    Thanks for all the great work,



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