Online Registration New Features and a couple of bug fixes

There are two new bug fixes and several New Features in Online Registrations.

Bug Fixes:

  • Ability to use Coupons on Deposits.
    In the past, you could only use coupons on registrations without deposits. Now you can apply a coupon to a deposit. The coupon can be less than the deposit, equal to, or greater than the deposit. If less, you will still need to pay the remainder of the deposit. If greater, the excess will go towards the remaining balance on the registration.
  • Multiple Sets of Extra Questions
    After we did our recent major overhaul of the questions tab, we allow you to choose multiple dropdowns, checkbox sets, Menu items, etc. We also allowed you to add multiple sets of Extra Questions, but that feature did not work correctly. (Thank you Shelly M. for pointing that out for us!). Now, this works. This way, you can have sets of questions on different places in the registration and it works as advertised.

New Features:

  • Section Headers and Instruction elements.
    This features goes along with the multiple sets of extra questions, but basically, you can now add a Header element with your own label text anywhere in the list of options. Along with these headers, you can add Instruction elements which can serve as some local instructions for a particular section of the registration. Before, all you had were the customizable instructions at the top of the page. We knew this feature was made possible when we did our overhaul of the questions tab, but we just now got around to implementing it.
  • Include Other Fees with Deposit
    This checkbox allows you to force any additional fees (from the questions tab) to be paid along with the deposit. The remaining balance will not include any extra fees. This would be good if the extra fees were for activities that must be paid in advance, e.g. for a trip. (Thank you Shelly for this suggestion)
  • Extra Fees Add to Special Org Member Fees
    Special Org Member Fees allow you to set a special fee for members of a particular organization. Useful for leaders or staff for example. This fee normally overrides all other fees including those extra fees on the questions tab. Now, this checkbox allows you to give the discount (including a price of zero) while still requiring the extra fees to be paid on top of this special price.
  • Apply Max to Other Fees
    Normally the Maximum Fee applies to the base fee only, good for giving large family discounts. Other fees are still required to be paid fully. Now, this checkbox lets you specify that the Maximum Fee applies to the entire registration cost. (Thank you Kiki for this suggestion!)

Documentation coming soon on these.

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