Filter – Extra Feature

As I’ve said before, sometimes it’s the small stuff that people really get excited about. Case in point: We recently revised the Filter on the Member tab of an Organization (see previous blog post). What I did not mention in that article was the fact that when you want to use the filter to search for a person by name, you can now just hit Enter/Return instead of having to click OK after typing in part of a first and part of a last name (or the entire name, if you want).

Why you would want to use the Filter to find a person in an Organization? Glad you asked!

Think about this. You have an Organization such as our Adult Choir, which has 310 Members. You keep your page set to display 10 rows of names, and you want to find a person whose last name starts with T. Rather than move from page to page, just click Filter. Then enter part of the first and last name (such as Da Thom), press Enter. Voila! There is David Thompson.

Even if you do not have Organizations with over 300 Members, you will still enjoy the ease of finding people in an Organization using the Filter and the added ease of just hitting Enter instead of clicking the OK button.

Thank you, Debbie, for suggesting this (Yes, it was a while ago, but we didn’t forget.).


One thought on “Filter – Extra Feature

  1. Bill Kendall

    This is one of those little things that add up to significant time savings.
    It is a lot quicker to hit the enter key when you are already on the keyboard instead of moving the mouse cursor and clicking . Implementing this whenever possible is a great idea.



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