New Look – Slowly Coming Your Way

Did you notice anything different? There are a few subtle changes that we just published today. These are part of a long-term project on which we have just embarked to redesign the BVCMS user interface. This will take several months and we will be rolling out changes a little at a time. We want to give you an opportunity to get accustomed to changes little by little instead of totally rocking your world all at once.

The first changes were to the Headers, a few of the buttons and the Toolbar. The Headers and the Toolbar selections are now drop downs that you click instead of hovering and then clicking. This seems to fit what users naturally are inclined to do, so I think you will like this change. Also, when you are moving your cursor around these will not get in your way until you actually click on them.

We have changed a few buttons, making them different colors just to make it more evident to the user whether they are clicking Cancel or Save Changes. Also, you may notice that the dialog box for sharing tags is a little different as well. It has the new blue Save Changes button (instead of Update Selected).

As I said, these changes are subtle, not anything too dramatic; but are all part of our effort to continually work toward making the user experience better and better.

Oh, be sure to close and reopen your browser in order to see the new changes.

Be on the lookout for more changes to come.

4 thoughts on “New Look – Slowly Coming Your Way

  1. Debbie Stone

    I like the addition of color to the page and the ‘click’ for the drop down menu to keep the drops from blocking the view when your mouse hovers.

    Thanks for not ‘rocking my world’ all at once!

    I appreciate ALL you do to make my work easier!



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