New Label Option for Bulk Mail

A few of you have asked about bulk mail and printing labels sorted by zip code. Now we have it! This is an option for the Roll Labels and for the Avery Address Labels. After selecting the labels, just check the box to have them sort by Zip. If you have never printed labels, this option is found under Labels on the green toolbar.

We have not added this feature before, because the sponsoring churches (due to their size) either use a third-party system (such as Pitney-Bowes) to manage their mail or they use email almost exclusively. For mail, they just import the CSV (bulk) Export into their mailing software and never actually print labels. So, this type of sort was not needed.

However, the time had come to add this feature for those of you who need to print labels and need them to be sorted by zip.


4 thoughts on “New Label Option for Bulk Mail

  1. carol

    We had this option in our old system and I have greatly missed it for some of my smaller mailings that go first class. A BIG THANK-YOU!!


  2. Marcia T

    This is essential for us and thank you for putting it in! However, the labels print from left to right and down the page instead of printing column 1, then column 2, etc. Avery labels come perforated so they can be torn in to columns for easy application to the envelopes and they can be kept in zip code order. Having them print left to right across the columns negates this nice feature and takes longer to apply the labels. Can we re-order how the labels are printed? Thank you for looking into this,


    1. David

      This is an interesting problem. Because this is not the natural printing order, we would have to force the number of labels to be a multiple of 30 by padding the last page with blank labels. Then for the first row, print label #1, #11, #21 and for the second row, print #2, #12, #22 etc.

      So if there were only 44 labels, the first page would be full and the second and last page would have column 1 filled, column 2 with 4 labels filled and 6 blank labels, and column 3 would be all blank.

      Needless to say, with our huge to do list, this will have to wait. But I did put it on our list as an interesting idea.



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