Manage Users Page Moved and Streamlined

Sometimes, we just need to clean up around our BVCMS house. This latest move is a prime example.

Admins, you may notice that the Manage Users page is no longer accessed from under the Welcome message at the top right of the screen. It is now under the Admin heading and is named Users.

The management of users actually is done on the System-User tab on the people record. So, this function has been removed from the Users page. Also, we have removed the creation of new roles from the Users page, since we already had this ability on the Admin-Lookups-Roles page.

So, basically the Users page is now not really a ‘management’ page. Instead, it is more an information page about users. It is a list of all users and shows their Username, User ID # (which is needed if you want to give a user the ability to email for another user), email address, if they are online, and the date and time of their last activity. On this page, you can also search by a username or by a person’s name and can filter to find which users have specific roles. Also, the names are links to their people records.

So, I guess it makes perfect sense that it is now called just Users.


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