A Little Appreciation for First-Time Givers

How nice would it be for a person to receive a thank you letter from the pastor after they make a donation to the church for the first time? Pretty encouraging, I would think!

Of course, that does raise the question “How do I find first-time givers?” It is really, really simple. We already had the ability to combine Conditions in Search Builder that would give you this information. But now we have gone a few steps further by giving you one Condition that will provide just what you need.

You will find this Condition on the Miscellaneous tab in Search Builder. It is called Recent First Time Giver. Just specify the number of days to look back for those who made their very first contribution during that time and there you have it!  It is a list you can use for labels or a mail merge to let these folks know how much you appreciate their donation to your church.

Even if you are not interested in looking at this every week, wouldn’t it be interesting to see how many first-time givers there are the week after the pastor preaches on stewardship?



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