Effective Searches for Help Articles

I know! There are tons of help articles! And we are constantly adding to and revising them as new features are implemented. So, how do you find the one you need? Let me see if I can help.

Perhaps you have not noticed the little blurb at the top of the search box in the sidebar that explains that you can search for all words in the documents and that you can “Quote the text” to search for the exact phrase.

Let’s look at an example of how to return better results in a search.

If I want to find articles about lay leaders, and I enter both words in the search box, the search will return almost 40 help articles! That’s because it searched for both words independently. In other words, those 40 articles contain either the word lay or the word leader.

However, when I put quotes around the two words like this – “lay leaders”– the search returns the 8 articles that specifically relate to lay leaders.

We also have a Google Search feature (just below the Search box). For this same example, if I enter lay leaders (no quotes) in the Google Search box, it returns a total of 14 results with the top one being the article named Lay Leaders.  It will also include blog posts that relate to lay leaders.

Google Search is a more advanced search, while the search box in the sidebar is more current. Also, Google Search displays a little bit of the article itself in the results. Experiment with both of these searches in order to learn how to search more effectively.

I know these little hints will not solve all the issues with searching our documentation, but I hope it will help. Remember,  if you do not find what you need in your first search, please try again. Chances are there is an article out there. You may need to phrase the search a little differently. As always, if you do not find the help article you need, email support@bvcms.com and we can point you in the right direction.



2 thoughts on “Effective Searches for Help Articles

  1. Kevin Parker

    Thanks, Karen, for some good direction.
    I emphasize to our folks: DON’T FORGET THE BLOG. Blog entries sometimes connect different help articles together. I don’t consider a search complete until I’ve searched the help articles AND the blog. So, don’t discount the blog, it’s not just promotional… it’s very helpful. Sometimes the help articles are nuts and bolts of operating the software and the blog connects the software functions to real life applications. They are unique and both very helpful. Did I say this before: DON’T FORGET THE BLOG!



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