Confidential Comments Using Standard Extra Values

We have told you about Standard Extra Values and how useful those are for a number of different bits of information (such as Spiritual Gifts) you may want to capture for the records in your database. What we haven’t talked about very much is how you can use these to capture private notes in your database.

For example, your System Admin can create a Standard Extra Value named whatever you want – something like Confidential Notes, making it a data type of value so that you can enter multiple lines in a text box. He can then create a special user role named Confidential (again, whatever you want to name it) and assign that role to this extra value. That means that only a user with the role Confidential can view and edit those types of notes.

We have put sample Standard Extra Values in the newer databases under Special Content-Text Content. If your database does not have these, email and we will put them in there for you. That will give you a starting point.


2 thoughts on “Confidential Comments Using Standard Extra Values

  1. carol

    This sounds wonderful and could certainly be used for membership issues, etc. that need to be tracked that are of a confidential nature.


  2. Jerry Fast

    When you showed us this option a month ago we implemented this for our Care Team for dealing with needs within our church. The team loves the ability for just the Care Team to see what has been done previously for an individual.



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