Quick Search – Not Just for People Anymore!

I told you in my last blog post that there was something else coming that you were going to love! Well, I may not have said that exactly; but, I do have a new feature to tell you about that I am confident you will really like.

We wanted to add a Quick Search for Organizations like we have for People, but we really didn’t like the idea of having another box on the page. So, we decided we could make the existing Quick Search (that little box in the top right corner on every page) more Google-like.  By that, I mean that you can search by more than just a person’s name and can find Organizations as well as People. By applying the same search principles used in Google Search we have combined Quick Search with People Search and Organization Search to give you a type of one-stop shopping.

Of course, People Search and Organization Search still work just as they have before. And Quick Search will still take you directly to a person’s record or an Organization if the Search returns just one result. But, now, when you enter some data in Quick Search (such as a number), BVCMS is searching to find either a person or an Organization that matches your search criteria. The search results are displayed on a new page with the People at the top and the Organizations below.

Notice when you hover near Quick Search, there is a pop up box listing all the search options. Also, notice that the text box itself now contains the words Quick Search, just to further identify it. Give it a try! I know you’ll like it.

For all the scoop about how to use this enhanced feature, see this Help article.


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