A Query by any other Name

Words are important. They have certain connotations and denotations. When words are links, they also have a purpose, a function. With that in mind, we have made a subtle change to our terminology. Drumroll, please!

QueryBuilder has changed its name to SearchBuilder!

When you see the word Search, especially as a link, you probably expect that it will deliver what you are looking for. That is exactly what happens when you use SearchBuilder (the feature formerly known as QueryBuilder). You build a search using various Conditions and you get the results you expect.

Why did we make this change? Well, that’s simple. We like the word Search better. There is nothing wrong with the word query. It basically means the same thing. But, it seems to strike fear in the hearts of our normally intrepid users.

We use the word Search in other places in the database and it has served us quite well. So, we decided that, in the name of consistency and clarity of message, query would just fade away from our vocabulary and Search would rise up and take its place.

It will take us a while to remove all traces of that word in the Help Documentation, so please bear with us as we set about that task.

Don’t miss the next blog post (coming soon) about something that is really cool and offers a lot of functionality! Yes, it relates to Search as well. But you will just have to wait for the blog.


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