Online Registrations–Master Org Link

Why didn’t we think of this before? For online registrations that use the Registration Type ‘Compute Org by  Birthdate’ or ‘User Selects’ you create what we call a Master Org and then you associate the individual Organizations with that Master Org to create the Pick List. Once you associate the Organizations, you have a handy link to open a new window to view that Organization. You can move easily back and forth to any of the Organizations in the Pick List. It works like the Toggle Link Target does in Query Builder.

However, we did not have a link back to the Master Org from those individual Organizations. In other words, if you were viewing one of the Organizations in the Pick List, you had no way of knowing which Master Org it was associated with – or even if it was part of that type of registration (unless, of course, you had accessed it from the Master Org).

We recently added a link to the Master Org (if one exists). It is on the Settings-Registration tab for those Organizations. So simple and so helpful. So sorry we didn’t think of that sooner!


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