Time Zones and BVCMS Checkin

Some of you may not be aware that we have a setting that will compensate for the time difference between the BVCMS servers (on Central time) and your time zone. The setting ID is TZOffset and can be added to the Settings page by your BVCMS Admin. Once the setting ID has been created, the actual setting will be the number of hours (plus or minus) offset from Central time zone.

You are probably asking “why do I need this?” and that would be a very good question. It shows you are paying attention. Obviously, if you are in the Central time zone, you do not need this. However, if you are not in the Central time zone and if you use BVCMS Checkin you will want to continue reading as this setting relates to Checkin.

Classes are available for checkin based on their Schedule which is a day and a time. Without the TZOffset setting in your database, the ‘time’ will be Central. This means that, without this setting, your classes may not be available when you expect them to be,

Example: If your time zone is 1 hour ahead of Central time, the setting should be 1. If you are 2 hours behind Central time, the setting should be -2.

In a nutshell:

If your classes meet on Sunday at 9:30 AM, you want that to be 9:30 AM your time, not 9:30 our time.

Not using BVCMS Checkin? If you are interested, read more about it!


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