New Admin Features

I normally try to include only one topic per blog post, just as I try to include only one topic per email.  However, we have a few new features that relate only to System Administrators, so I decided to break this rule in this one blog post.

Email features:

There are actually two new features relating to emails.

  • Optouts (Unsubscribes) – If a person has clicked Unsubscribe in an email sent through BVCMS, you can see this on the person’s System-Email Optouts tab. If they want to rescind that and begin receiving those emails again, you can click the X to remove the optout.
  • Failed Emails – On that same tab, System-Email Optouts, there is now a link for any Failed Emails for that individual. When you click the link, you will see all the failed emails sent to that person. That includes both Bounces as well as Spam Reporting Address types of failed emails.

User Role Management:

  • You can now manage user roles (create a new role, edit the name of the role and delete a role) in your database by going to Admin-Lookups-Roles. To add a new role, just click the Create button and change the Role Name from NEW to whatever the correct name should be. If your database does not have one of the newer roles we have created, you will need to add it to your database yourself.

Attendance History:

  • As an Admin, you can see all meetings available for an individual in their Attendance History, whether they attended or not. In other words, if they were enrolled and the organization had a meeting, that meeting was displaying in the Attendance History list on that person’s record by default. We have added a toggle under Other Management, that allows you to select to Show All Meetings. The default is to display only the meetings the person attended.

That’s all for now and thank you in advance for forgiving my violation of the unwritten ‘one topic’ rule.





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