Avery Address Labels – Pick your Starting Point

Have you ever wanted to use a page of Avery labels and have your BVCMS labels start at a specific row and column, instead of at the beginning? Wish no more! Now, when you select Avery Address Labels from the toolbar, you will see the option to skip a number of labels. The default, of course, is zero. This will start your labels on row 1 and column 1. However, if your page of labels has already been partially used, you can enter a number of labels to skip.

Example: You have a page of labels on which you have used the first row and part of the second row (a total of 5 labels). Just enter 5 for the number to skip and your labels will start on the 6th label. The count always begins with row 1, column 1 and continues left to right, before going to the next row.

Thank you to the user who suggested this cost-saving feature! Check out the help article for screenshots relating to this new feature.



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