Pin Number for Checkin

Someone recently asked if we used anything besides phone numbers for child checkin. Their reasoning was that people changed their cell phone numbers so frequently. Our first thought was that it was not needed, because our experience has shown that most people now actually keep their phone numbers even when they change cell phone carriers. But then David thought about it and realized that he could make use of our special Extra Values (those with built-in functionality) and allow churches to add a Pin # to a person’s record if they so choose. The family could then use it in place of a phone number during checkin.

One thing to note: You do not have to exclusively use Pin numbers to replace phone numbers. You could choose to use phone numbers for 99% of your families, but might want to add a Pin # to a family if the children are brought to church by people (family or friends) that may not remember the phone numbers for the family, but might remember a pin number.

I don’t know if we will need it here at our church, but if you are interested, read more here.


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