Split Custody Issues and Parent Emails

Every church has them – children with divorced parents. What if both families (the mom and the dad) are in your church database? The child can be in only one family in the database. So, wouldn’t it be nice if you could notify both parents when you email the ‘Parents’ of their child?

Thanks to Jared for pointing out this need to us. We thought it over and devised a great solution! There is a new Extra Value with special functionality that can be added to a child’s record on the Member Profile-Extra Values tab. This is where you put the People ID # for the other parent – the one that is not in the same family as their child.

If the child has that specific Extra Value on their record, whenever anyone emails and selects Email – Parents, that parent will receive the email in addition to the parents in the same family as the child.


Johnny lives with his mother Mary and her husband Fred. However, Johnny’s father Bill shares custody and is in the database also. Even though Johnny divides his time equally between both households, in BVCMS, he is in the family with his mother. A person can be in only one family in the database. By adding the Extra Value of Parent to Johnny’s record and by using Bill’s People ID as the Value, Bill will get emails whenever anyone selects Email Parents from the toolbar.

Read more about Parent Extra Values and how to create these.

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