New Attendance Feature for Parent-Student Rallies

At least once a year, shortly after our annual promotion for our Sunday morning Life Groups, we have what we call Parent Sunday. This is a time when parents attend their child’s Life Group in order to meet their child’s teacher. This means that the parents cannot attend their regular adult class that morning. So, what should we do about the parent’s attendance in their Life Group? They were on campus attending a Life Group, just not one in which they should be recorded as a visitor. How can we easily mark them present in their class on that Sunday when they are not actually in their normal class? Glad you asked!

The answer is our new Rally Rollsheet designed to be used with a wand scanner. This rollsheet is printed for the student class, but contains the names of the parents of the children who are enrolled in that class. In addition to the parents’ names, there is a checkbox (so they can mark themselves present) and a long bar code representing their People ID and their Organization ID (Main Fellowship Class).

This takes advantage of another fairly recent feature –  Ticketing Attendance. All you have to do is go to a meeting page for any organization that met on the date of the rally, select Ticketing Attendance (under Other Management) and then start scanning. Scanning the bar code will find the meeting for the parent’s class and mark them present. It’s a snap! Read more.




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