Who Created that Contact?

Do you have staff or volunteers that enter Contacts that other people have made? In other words, do you have people making visits/contacts who do not enter these into BVCMS themselves? While that is not an ideal situation, it is sometimes necessary. You may have church members making calls and visits who do not have computers or do not feel comfortable online. If that is the case, you obviously need those Contacts in BVCMS, so someone else actually creates those Contacts. For instances like this, you may want to know how many Contacts are being entered by specific volunteers or staff members, when they, themselves, are not actually the Contactors.

At our church, we have some members (especially older ones) who will visit our homebound members or members in the hospital and submit a written report to the church. Then, a couple of wonderful volunteers take these hand-written forms with contact results on them and create Contacts for them in BVCMS. We also have staff members who do this as well.

Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to track how many Contacts are being entered by these users? Well, now you can! Notice the addition of the Created By field on Contact Search. Enter either the username or People ID # of the person entering the Contacts and press Search. You might want to add a date range for the Contacts in order to track this on a weekly or monthly basis.

This was a great idea! Thanks, Ron, for suggesting it.


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