Query Builder Toggle

There is a really nice feature in Query Builder that you need to know about, and I can’t believe I have not blogged about this already! It is the Toggle Link Target link at the bottom of your query results. This link allows you to click on a name in your query results and look at that person’s record, even editing it if you need to, without losing your query results.

The way the toggle works (if you haven’t used it) is like this: after you click the link, your query results will be retained on one tab and a new tab will be opened for the person whose name you clicked. This allows you to move back and forth between your query and the person’s record. When you return to the tab with your query results, you can click on another person. Each time you click a different name, the people record on the other tab changes to that person. It’s pretty cool!

If you like looking at windows side-by-side, just drag one tab off to the side, out of the main window. Voila! Two windows – one with the query and one with the person. I love using it this way, because I can see the person page changing in one tab as I click a name in the query results in the other tab. It’s like magic!

Remember, this is a toggle. One click turns it on; another click turns it off.

I love this feature and use it all the time! See image below.



















One thought on “Query Builder Toggle

  1. Kevin Parker

    Awesome feature. Never knew it was there. I’ve redone queries so many times because I was going back and forth between people and the search. Side-by-Side windows is perfect. Because BVCMS is so functional, we are looking at people records much more than ever before. Our consciousness of who’s there and who’s not is much higher. We’re following up and initiating ministry more. This feature is one more example of software created by people who use it not software that squeezes users into practices that aren’t really helpful. Thanks BVCMS Team! I still call BVCMS “ministry management software,” not church management software. It is!



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