Online Access to Contribution Statements

Online Giving using BVCMS has really taken off in the past several months, both Managed (Recurring) Giving and regular one-time gifts! As a result, we wanted to add a feature that allows donors access to their giving records online. Well, David added that feature this weekend!

Now, a user can view (and print, if they want) their own contribution statements anytime they so desire. There are two options: Statement Year to Date and Last Year’s Statement. The options are located to the right of what we call the Business Card section of the person’s record.


This is available whether the person gives online or not. All that is required for them to be able to view all their contributions for the current year and the past year is that they have a user account (most will be My Data type of accounts) on your church’s BVCMS database.

Read more about this new feature and Contribution Statements in general.

NOTE: This article was written in 2012. Since the, the user interface has changed. The link to the article, however, will have updated information. 10.28.15

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