New Managed Giving Report

Those of you with Finance role may have noticed a new item in the list under Contributions. It is the Managed Giving report. This is a great management tool to show you at a glance everyone who has set up Recurring (Managed) Giving on BVCMS and the details regarding the frequency of the recurrances. You can even drill down (just click on the person’s name) to see more details relating to that person’s recurring giving.

Click here to read more and to see a sample report.

If your church is not currently using online giving through BVCMS, you are missing out on a lot of cool features. If you are interested in online giving, check out this article about how to get started. If you are ready to get started, but do not yet have a Merchant Account, just email us at and we can point you in the right direction and save you some time (and probably some money!).


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