Reminder Emails for Registrations

Have you ever thought how great it would be to be able to compose a reminder email for your upcoming event at the time you set up the registration and then just click a button to send it whenever you’re ready? This would eliminate those hastily (and sometimes poorly) composed emails to the registrants right before the event, just at the time you are the busiest trying to get the last minute details handled.

Well, wish no more! Reminder Emails have arrived!

This feature is on the Organization under Settings-Messages. You can compose the Reminder Email when you are creating the registration and all of this is fresh on your mind (and you have time to think!), even returning to edit it until you get the message just right. You would want set a reminder in your calendar and, when it’s time, just click the Send Reminders link which is under Other Management on the Organization page.

Note: You must have Edit role in order to send Reminder Emails.

Thanks for suggesting this, Sandy.

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One thought on “Reminder Emails for Registrations

  1. Sandy Prowant

    I love this feature!!! I have my reminder email all setup and ready to go! BVCMS online registration is the best!!!! Thanks, again!



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