New QB Condition re Tasks

There is new Condition in Query Builder that will be so helpful for anyone who assigns Tasks. You can now find everyone who as a Task assigned/delegated to them that is still incomplete.

You can search by any  part of the name of the Task – something like Contact, Visit, Hospital – any word that would be in the Task name. This will return everyone who has an Incomplete Task with that text in the name. Now, just send a quick email reminder to those people, asking them to complete their Tasks.

But wait, there’s more! Not only can you search by words in the name of the Task, you can also search by the name of the person who assigned the Task. You may only be concerned with those Incomplete Tasks that you assigned (or that another specific person) assigned. So, use this Condition and put your name in the Value field. You can put all or part of the name. It works with first and last, or just part of either.

Think of how easy this will make your followup! Thanks, Eric and Carol, for helping us understand the need for this.

Oh, I suppose you want to know the name of the Condition. It is Has Incomplete Task and is on the Growth tab in QB.


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