New 'Employer' Labels

This new feature has a limited use, but it might be just what you need. There is now a new label called Avery Employer. This label has the Employer name below the person’s name on the regular Avery address labels. Here is a possible use case for this:

You have an Organization (or a Tag) for contacts at churches (or businesses). The people records use the contact person in the name fields, but the church (or business) address for the preferred address. You also have the name of the church or business in the Employer field on the record. If you select these new Avery Employer labels, you have just what you need for your mailing!

By offering you this option, you do not have to put the name of the church or business on one of the actual address lines. We are doing that for you with these labels.

The labels look like this:

Rev. Peter Pastor
First Church
2000 Main St
Big City, TN  38888

You can read about all of the various types of labels in the help article about the Toolbar.


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