Two New Links: RSVPLink and RegisterLink2

I am so excited about these new links!

RegisterLink2 is just in time for the big Vacation Bible School email we send out this time each year. With this new link, you can email the parents of your youngsters, and when the parent clicks the Register Now link, they will see their family displayed in a list. All they have to do is select the family member to register and then complete the form. BVCMS already knows who they are, so we are able to display that list for their convenience. Sweet, huh? Read more about RegisterLinks!

RSVPLink is a great feature for those Organizations in which the members are already enrolled, but need to RSVP before the specific meetings. Example: you have a large group of people who meet monthly for  a Bible study and you need to know how many to expect at each meeting. Send the RSVPLink and let them RSVP (register) for the meeting! This does not mark them present, merely ‘registered’ for that specific meeting. Read more!


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