Online Registration Feature: Start-End Dates

Just in time for all of your Summer registrations – a great new feature! Take a look at the Settings-Registration tab on an Organization. Notice the Registration Start Date and Registration End Date. These will actually determine when a Registration goes live and when it stops. How cool is that?

Set up your registration, enter the Start and End Dates and rest assured that no one will be able to register (even if the link is posted) except between those dates. This means that you can advertise that registration ends at 11:00 PM on a specific date and you don’t have to be sitting at your computer to end the registration right at that time. BVCMS will do it for you!

Also, you can go ahead and put the Register Now link on your website, advertising that your registration begins at 2:00 AM on a given date,  and rest easy. No one will be able to register until that date and time.

What happens when someone clicks a link on a date that is outside your start and end dates? They will see this message: “Sorry, registration is not available at this time.”

One more little goody – check out the Try Registration button now (under Other Management). Notice the added prompt which reminds you to copy the link in order to check out your registration without being logged in as yourself. Just a little thing, but I really like it!




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