Admin’s Only Please!

Yes, we know, you’re not an Admin but you could not resist clicking that link. That’s OK, it’s human nature. But at least you’ll know how an Admin can help you out using this technique.

Well, this new feature is truly for those with Admin rights on their BVCMS database. You all know that there are times when you need to experience what a user is experiencing on BVCMS, to see what they are seeing. We’ve always had a way to impersonate users, but now we have made that SO much easier.

imageJust go to the user’s People Record and then to the System > User tab. Notice next to their username there is an impersonate button. Just click that and the system will log you on as that user. Pretty drop-dead simple, huh? When you are finished, just log out as that user and log back on as yourself.

Remember, if that user had either OrgMembersOnly or OrgLeadersOnly rights, you will need to click the toggle under the Admin menu to turn those off after you log back on as yourself.
Also it won’t allow you impersonate a Finance user if you don’t also have that Role.

By the way, we’ll be disabling the old impersonate method. It was somewhat of a security hole we needed to close up anyway.

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