Clear Active Tag Feature

You may have noticed that your Active Tag in the top right corner of the page is no longer a link. That’s because we have added a new feature  – Clear Active Tag. Now, both Manage Active Tag and Clear Active Tag are accessible when you hover where over the greeting. Clicking Manage Active Tag will take you to the Manage Tags page just like before when you clicked the link.

We added the Clear Active Tag feature to make it easy for you to use your Active Tag from wherever you are without have to return to the Manage Tags page in order to remove everyone from the Tag.

Here’s an example of why we did this:

Let’s say that your Active Tag is the Unnamed Tag, but you don’t remember if there is anyone still in that Tag or not. You are on Query Builder and want to add everyone from your query to that Tag. Now, instead of having to go back to Manage Tags, remove anyone still in the Tag and then run your query again, all you have to do is select Clear Active Tag and then select Add All from the Toolbar.

Maybe that isn’t a big deal, but it is one more example of how we are always looking for ways to make your life easier.

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