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There are a couple of very nice posts about BVCMS over at TonyMorganLive and

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2 thoughts on “Help us out

  1. Patty Mays

    We at Antioch Bible Church in the Seattle area are thrilled not only with the product, but want to give a special kudos to the developer, David Carrol.
    His attention to detail is amazing. In all my years of church administration I have never worked with anyone who is more responsive.
    I recently had a problem (which was self-inflicted) which I submitted to David late Friday afternoon. I told my boss before leaving for work that David would solve this problem before the day’s end, which in fact he did, going way over the top to ensure I understood, in order to prevent me from making the same mistake twice.
    I am still working with our pastors in setting up their organizations, and teaching them how to manage them. They are very excited with the tools available, and the difference it makes in “touching” the people we serve.
    With Thanksgiving!


  2. Jeremy

    I concur with David’s responsiveness. He’s both a fixer and a teacher, so he’ll diagnose the problem fairly quickly, then instruct you how to do it the next time. Also, the wiki help section is very helpful. I can’t say enough about how this system works and beneficial it is for me as a children’s pastor!



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