Brought to you by the letter e – your old envelope number!

How many of you have old Envelope Numbers as Extra Values in your database? You know, the envelope number that you used in your former church management system – the one that does not match the People ID#? If you do, you will be SO happy to hear what the letter e will do for you.

When recording contributions in Post Bundle Edit,  you can now type the letter e (or a minus sign for those of you who like using the number pad) and the old Envelope Number instead of the People ID# to find a person’s record.

Example: John Smith’s Envelope Number is 175 and his People ID# is 2589, so you can type either e175 or –175 or 2589 to find his record to post his contributions. Any of these will work if his old envelope number is an Extra Value on his record.

Remember, if you are going to continue using these Envelope Numbers, you will have to add that Extra Value on the record of anyone who is assigned envelopes after your database conversion. This applies to those churches using the boxed sets with the year’s supply of envelopes.

If you upload a file to an envelope service such as Lifeway, you will eventually be able to begin using the People ID#s when posting contributions. After you upload your first file after the conversion, that will be the number on the envelope. However, this new feature will get you through the transition period.


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