One More Time: Improvement to Split Contributions read that correctly. We have made yet another improvement to make it easier for you to enter a contribution that goes to multiple funds.

The first improvement was great for scanned checks or for online giving bundles, because the total amount was already in the entry.

Now we have improved how you can handle that scenario if you are entering the contributions manually. In that case, what you need is a way to easily duplicate the entry, minus the amount.

So, you don’t even need to click the Split button! All you do is complete your first entry (for the amount going into the first fund) and when your cursor is on the next line.drum roll, please..just enter the letter d and Tab!

That will prepopulate that entry with the People ID# and name from the previous entry, but with the Amount field empty. Your cursor will be in the amount field, so all you do is enter the Amount, select the Fund and continue as usual.

I have revised the PostBundle Help article to reflect this change.

Thank you to all you Finance users who have given us positive feedback when we add new features. We love knowing that our improvements are making your jobs easier.


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