“Why am I not getting my emails?”

Have you ever gotten a call from someone in your church system complaining that they have not been receiving emails? You may have even called us to ask what was going on. We are able to look up in Sendgrid.com the status of emails and why they might be blocked.

But now you’ll know yourself! We have been meaning to do this for a long time. We are now getting notified of bounces, spam reports and dropped emails. And, we are recording those and forwarding them to the sender. It will be up to you and them to resolve whatever reason for the failed mail. The reason will be reported in the notice you receive. This should make it much easier to keep your database full of good email addresses.

For some, it will be an obvious misspelled domain name or a badly formatted email address and those will be easy to fix. For others, the report may be that the email address does not exist anymore. Still easy, but you should probably try to reach out to the person another way, perhaps give them a call. Finally, it may be that they have complained that you are spamming them and clicked the “Junk Mail” link on their email client. If that happens, you probably just need to remove their email from the system. They don’t want to hear from you evidently.

The next step in making this even easier to use is to give you control over whether to unblock the email on Sendgrid since they stop sending to such recipients when there are problems like this. There is good reason for that, it helps us maintain a very good reputation as a good citizen in the mass email sending community. We’ll get put on a blacklist if we were to keep sending emails to bad addresses. So once we see that it is bad, we stop. So eventually, you will have control over whether you want to unblock these emails and give them another try. You should probably wait until you have communicated with the recipient and figure out what the problem is on their end.

Bottom line, you are going to start getting notices from time to time on failed emails from BVCMS. Now you know what’s going on.

3 thoughts on ““Why am I not getting my emails?”

  1. Pat Mac

    I understand this can keep email addresses cleaned up, but my first responce was, oh great, just one more thing for me to do.


    1. Ashley

      Pat this is a great feature because it let’s you have more control over whether or not people are getting your emails. If they have intentionaly or accidentally clicked on Spam when they received an email from any Bellevue mass email, then it means they will not get any of your mass emails either. So getting this resolved is very important, at least if you want people to get your emails.
      Great job David, most people will understand and not see it as one more thing to do.


  2. Clint

    I agree that this is very helpful and great to receive the rejected addresses. My only request would be that they be sent in one e-mail – either as a detailed list or perhaps linking to a query that could be run. Getting a lot of individually rejected e-mails right off the bat is a bit overwhelming.

    Even including an “unsubscribed” report would be great too – It can be very helpful to know who doesn’t want to be contacted. Ministerially, it opens up a reason for a contact, especially if they’ve left the church. That provides us with a good opportunity to perform an exit survey.



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