New Contributions Features

For those of you who have Finance role, you will be thrilled with the new changes we just published! Where do I begin.?

Split Button for assigning one contribution to multiple funds:

We have added a Split button on Post Bundle which will duplicate the entry in order to allow you to select a second fund for a contribution. This means you do not have to enter the person’s ID or name a second time in order to record one check going to multiple funds. Enter the contribution with the amount going to the first fund, then click Split. Now all you need to do is enter the amount and select the next fund for that person’s contribution. This will really be helpful for scanned check bundles and online giving bundles as the contribution has already been created.

Editing within a bundle (scanned check file):

You’re gonna love this feature! Now, after you Edit a row in the Bundle, it returns to its original position in the Bundle. It displays at the top of the list while you are editing it, but when you press Update, it magically returns to the row where it was originally. This will be especially helpful when you are editing both online giving bundles and scanned check bundles.

New look for the ‘Contributions-All’ page:

Take a look. We have added new Search features. Also, we added a Total amount and a Count. The amount will exclude any reversals, returns and pledges. You can filter for a person, notes, a fund, a type of contribution, status and year.

Non-Deductible Funds:

You can now flag a fund as Non-Deductible. This allows you to record receipts for items such as Easter Lilies or Poinsettias, payments for study materials, etc. – items that are not tax deductible, but that you might want to capture and associate with an individual. The System Admin can create these funds and set the flag. These will not appear on a person’s contribution statement. The Totals By Fund report now has a checkbox to allow you to view these non tax deductible receipts.

Totals By Fund Report and Excel Exports for Contributions:

This page has been totally rewritten to include several new features. In addition to the Non Tax Deductible checkbox (mentioned above), we have added tiger striping to the report to make it easier to view a specific fund total. You can still drill down for each fund. We also added a checkbox so you can view just Pledges.

We have added two new buttons: Export Contributions and Export Contribution Totals. These make it very simple for you to run these reports. The Contributions report is a listing of every contribution in the filter. The Contribution Totals gives a summary for each individual: one row for each fund to which the person has contributed, with a column for the number of contributions included, the total dollar amount. We also include the person’s People ID#, their name, their spouse’s name, the Fund Description and Fund ID#.

Funds page changes:

The first thing you will notice is that you will see only open funds by default. You can view closed funds by clicking the link at the top of the page. Also, we have removed the unnecessary description and have left only the fund name as well as adding tiger striping to make it easier to view the individual funds. Finally, you get better error messages if you try to create a new fund with an existing ID#.

We will be updating the Help Documentation to reflect these additions.


One thought on “New Contributions Features

  1. Susie McCloud

    David and Karen,
    Love the changes, especially the entries moving back to the original position when it has been edited.

    I also used the Totals by Fund Report for our upcoming audit. Nice to Have!

    I have used the Split button. I am not sure it speeds the entry up, but it probaly helps with accuracy.

    Thanks for continually updating.




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