New Method of Composing RegisterLinks

We recently made it incredibly easy to compose Vote Links in an email (If you missed that blog post click here.) Well, now we’ve done the same thing for RegisterLinks.

Instead of using the old method for creating either a VoteLink or a RegisterLink, you will now create it directly in the email you will send to your target group.

Once a registration is set up and you know the Organization ID, just find the group to whom you want to send the register link and click Email Individuals from the toolbar. Compose your email and then highlight what you want them to click on – a word, a phrase or an image. Then, click on the hyperlink icon and type just 2 things: registerlink in the URL text box; then the Organization ID# in the OrgID text box under Special Links. Click OK and send your email. 

That’s it! Seriously.that’s all there is to it. Read more about Composing RegisterLinks.


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