New Contacts Search Option and Contactor Summary Report

Take a look at the Contact Search page located under People in the menu. There is now an option to search based on the Results in addition to all the other options that have been available. The items in the drop down menu are identical to the checkboxes on the Contact form.

We have also added a Contactor Summary Report on the Contact Search page under Contacts Management. This report looks at three factors: Start Date, End Date (both of which are required to generate the report) and the Ministry (which is optional). It will ignore any other options that are in your search.

The Contactor Summary Report lists the name of each person that made a Contact, their People ID #, the Description of the Contact, the Ministry Name and the number of Contacts of that type and Ministry that they made during the selected date range. This means that one person might be listed multiple times if they made more than one type of Contact and/or made contacts for more than one Ministry.

This is a helpful tool for analyzing who is making Contacts for your Ministry. Perhaps you will want to send a note to encourage those that you notice have gone the extra mile and have made a greater number of contacts during a certain time period.

Remember, you also have the Convert to Query (Contactors) option if you want to email Contactors directly from Query Builder.

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