Address Changes

No this is not a change of address form that everybody hates to have to deal with when they move. But it is a change and it has to do with how Addresses in BVCMS work:

  • We now have a Country dropdown. If you ignore this, it will be treated the same as United States a least as far as address validation is concerned.
  • There is now no State dropdown (you just enter the abbreviation) and the label has been changed to State/Province/Region to accommodate international addresses.
  • Finally there is no more Verify Address button.

What@! you say? No more Verify Button!!

OK OK, hang on there, it is now automatic! The way it works is to always validate when you press Save Changes or Submit. It does this in three places:

  1. On the Person page Address tab
  2. On the Search / Add dialog, Add New Family page
  3. And during an Online Registration. This is new. We used to not validate the address during online registrations but now we are.

So here’s what happens, when you save, it will check the address against the USPS database and if it finds a match, it “normalizes” the address using the standard USPS abbreviations, zip+4, etc. Then it will update your fields and show you an “error” message of the change (really just informing you). At that point you can save again and it will complete.

If you use a country other than United States, it will not validate and save regardless of what you have in there. That is why we have a special Country of “USA, Not Validated” that you can use to override this behavior.

Read more about address verification on the wiki

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