Main Fellowship Organizations and Leader Types

To read more about Main Fellowship Organizations (you  know, that little checkbox on the Organization Header), click here. This is an article explaining how this is used in BVCMS.

Along the same lines, you may also want to read this article about Leader Types.

These are both settings in the Organization header that you may not have noticed before, but are very useful.

One thought on “Main Fellowship Organizations and Leader Types

  1. Kevin Fraley

    For me (IMHO) changing the name from ‘Main Fellowship Organizations’ to simply ‘Main Bible Fellowship’ would be less confusing as to when a user should and should not apply the check-box. Having recently learned from support that this check-box only links to the query search parameter ‘In Bible Fellowship’, the name could more clearly prompt the user to only check the box for those organizations that are in common with each other (i.e. Sunday School Classes).



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