Password Questions

Surprisingly, we get this question: Can I change my password? Or we get this question: How do I change my password? Or we get this question: What is a non-alphanumeric character??? Sometimes we get this question: Why didn’t I get an email with my username/password when I clicked the link?

The answer to the first question is “Yes, you can certainly change your password.”

The answer to the other questions are as follows:

  • On the Homepage, hover your mouse in the top right corner where you see the greeting “Welcome, Karen” (notice that there is an arrow there)
  • There will be two options presented: Logout and Change Password. Select Change Password
  • Now enter your current password
  • Then enter your new password –
    • must contain at least 7 characters
    • can be numbers or letters or a combination of both
    • MUST contain a mark of punctuation (a non-alphanumeric character – i.e. not a letter, not a number)
    • Examples: John3:16 or QWER123! or car.parrot (notice that each of these contains a mark of punctuation)

Along these same lines, remember, if you ever forget your Username or Password, just click the appropriate links on the BVCMS login page. However, if we do not have a correct email address on your record, you will not receive the notifications. So, if, after clicking one of those links, you do not receive an email (be sure to check your Spam folder, too) you will need to call the church office. Please call the ministry in which you serve as a leader so they can verify your identity and make the necessary changes to your record. Read more.

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